August 28, 2022

MIDA Working Visit

Throwback November 2021, Avialite was selected by MIDA HQ (Tariff division) to be part of a working visit program to Terengganu & Pahang.
August 28, 2022

MRT Project

For the MRT project, we used MI-2KP and LI-3272 which makes for a complete system of medium and low intensity aviation obstruction for the communication tower system. Some MRT Stations which Avialite has covered →
August 28, 2022

5G Project for Ericsson

Avialite supports the era of digitalisation, which is definitely up and coming in Malaysia. We’re proud to take part in the digital transformation of Malaysia as we got to work on the 5G telecommunication installation work for Ericsson! Check out our installation work →
August 28, 2022

4G Building Maintenance Project

Did you know besides our projects, we do have additional services too? Let us shine a light on what we did for TM ✨ Check out our work →
August 28, 2022

Avialite Project – Edotco Malaysia Nationwide

Our biggest achievement yet is that we have managed to install our lamps on 1669 towers nationwide since 2014, and are working on more as we speak!
August 27, 2022

Transmission Line Project

MS-2KP, MS-20KP & MS-20-2KP are our featured lights on our transmission line project. Take a peak at our transmission line project ⚡️
July 26, 2022

Avialite Project – Telekom Malaysia Nationwide

Did you know that we’ve installed our lights in over 500 TM towers across the nation ever since 2016?