Subang Airport

Project: Airports
Location: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport – Subang Airport
Structure: Building – Control Tower
Lamp Type: AB-2KP-S (1 unit)
Project Date: since 2015

Subang Airport has been using our Aerodrome Beacon Light ABS-960 Model since 2015. After a 2 years period, in 2017 we offered them our latest design of Aerodrome Beacon Light AB-2KP-S Model, which include additional safety features, bypass photosensor, and and updated model which is lighter in weight. Following Subang Airport installation using our initial aerodrome beacon model, Langkawi Airport and Limbang Airport also installed our lamp.

Latest update: Kota Bharu Airport installed our latest Aerodrome Beacon Light AB-2KP Model.

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